Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cancer Spreading - The Age of Desolation [2011]

Monster Death Crust!

If you are looking for some music to smash through a wall too. Then put in this beast of an album! These guys really know how to bring it! To really give you the best idea of what this sounds like; imagine if you will, the guys from Dropdead and Disrupt, were stuck in a jam room with the guys from Bolt Thrower and Entombed. The guitar playing really sounds like early Euro/Swedo death metal and they got some crust thugs on the vox and drums. The vocalist really reminds me of the guy from Disrupt.

The first song on this bad boy is a intro track that leads into another 9 tracks of no filler insanity. The intro starts off very soft and slow moving with a very eerie vibe to it. It sounds like a electric guitar on a clean channel, and he seems to be hitting some minor 2nds in there with an octave that moves between those 2 notes. That is why it sounds so "out of tune" per say when you listen to it; but it really gives it a "You're about to die" feel.  And, then it bursts into an epic doomy death riff that sets you up for the rest of the album!

That doomy death crust mood sets in right away with the first song Blackend Obsession. Especially over the riffs where the guitarist plays a riff/lead and the other holds out a chord. It sounds magnificent. And, what's great is that the very next track shines down on you with some crust! Really giving things a good mix of the two worlds. Then you have songs like Corroded by Time that really make you want to slam in that pit! Also, some more notable mid tempo upbeats would be at :45 of Merciless and  ALL OVER The Rotting Empire, but mostly at 2:35.

What the crazy thing is about this album is that if it were mixed or mastered any other way; it could have just as easily been considered just a crust release, or just a death metal album. It definitely goes to show that these REALLY know what they are doing.  I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, and you better believe I'm going to tell my bandmates about this!

Favorite Tracks: Disgusting Reality, Corroded by Time, The Rotted Empire, and CENOTAPH!!!

Did I mention that there is a freaking BOLT THROWER COVER ON HERE!!


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