Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hemotoxin - Divinity in Torture Demo

Hemotoxin is a very promising young band!

Here is a promising young progressive deathrash outfit from Pittsburg, CA. They are most clearly influenced by Death, if you couldn't tell by the sub-genre title. This demo is their 3rd release and they get better with everyone. Having only heard this demo and the previous, "Biohazard", the band seems to get tighter with this release. Everyone catches a little heat for not having a billion dollar recording. Which is beyond idiotic, if the band releases a demo, don't expect a new Slayer album. It is actually preferable if it sounds worse. That way when they release a full length LP, they curb stomp the hell out of you!

Alas! The music sounds very much like their hero's, Death, and even throw a cover of "Lack of Comprehension" on there! Covers are another choice move on demos. It shows what sound you are going for. And that's what demos are all about. Concept. The guitar and drum work is complex and really drives the band . The vocals are going for the Chuck sound, but you could also say they are black as well.  The riffs are very cool here as well. The album does have a few samples that may be a little longer than needed. In the son "At the End of Eternity" you hear the music from the popular video game Halo! And if you don't know those are called Gregorian Chants.

Overall this Demo is pretty fucking boss! These guys have a bright Future ahead of them and we can surely expect to see them on more shows! Be sure to check them out on Facebook!


Favorite Tracks: Autophagy, A Journey Through Dreams

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