Friday, February 3, 2012

Аспид - Кровоизлияние [1992]

Impressive is an Understatement for Aspid!

This is easily a perfect album. From start to finish these guys blend a flavor of old school thrash aggression with technical elements in ways that create the perfect CD! Down to the very basics of it; the riffs, the transitions, the vocals, and really everything of the CD itself is what an old or new school thrasher wants to hear. Or anybody who is into metal music for that matter. Some people who are not into thrash like to get off by saying the riffs all sound the same, or even the BANDS all sound the same. The first thing I would do is show those misinformed losers some Aspid!

Starting with the best feature on any thrash album, the riffs! They have a very nice blend of riffage in this CD. It can get pretty lame when bands get stuck up with how technical they are, or how "tr00 frash" they can possibly get. With Aspid it just comes natural! They have the aggressive Exodus esque riffs to the dark Slayer tone. And, that can easily be represented in every song. On that note, they have techy elements it more parts than others when progressing through a song! There is just so many points on this album where I have to stop and click on my player to remember which part of the song that particular riff is located. There is just so many of them!

Another thing that stands out, is having the right connection between verses, and verse to chorus, and so on. But, above that! However, they go beyond and don't do quite the same thing every time. Granted they do in some songs, but this is the easiest way to show one how creative and just how much time you spent on these songs; it's incredible. One song in particular is "It Came (Aspid)" in the end where the vocalist holds out that scream.

And, speaking of the vocals, these are amazing! It is just TOO COOL when bands keep the lyrics in their own language! But, the tone and the structuring of the vocals is out of this world too. When vocals throw a different pattern into the mix that the guitars may not be playing; and to hear that match up just really catches my eye. That’s a good way to have things in a style of music that doesn't depend on the vocals to carry the song.

There is not one thing I disliked about this album. There is so much more that needs to be said, but in all fairness this could go on and on forever. Everything is just stunning; the riffs, transitions and structure, the vocals, and even down to the basic mix and mastering. Certainly a classic in any thrashers book, and if you haven’t heard of them; YouTube them immediately!


Favorite tracks: It Came (Aspid), Where the Night, and Extravasation

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