Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Latvala Bros. Plays Wooden Eye [1994]

Latvala Bros.  Instrumental Prog. Thrash!

If the title alone doesn't make you want to check this out, then get this... Let's say, ohh, Lich King and Vektor were to have a baby; this is what it would sound like. And, I'm not even joking. This band is like the thrash metal father of Scale the Summit. What is the first thing one thinks of when those two band names, Lich and Vek, come to mind? THE RIFFS!! And, with a band that is strictly instrumental, the riffs HAVE to be very prominent. For example, it's if they were listening to Exodus and Watchtower, or Realm while writing their stuff, very cool.

But, enough with the stupid name dropping; lets dive in! Normally anything happy (gross over-simplification, I know) is pretty lame in thrash metal. Of course referring to riffs that would be considered boring; like those riffs that stay on the 3rd, 5th, and 7th frets. Riffs that any jack off with three weeks of practice could write without thinking. What makes Latvala Bros. stand out is their ability to write really heavy Exodus-esque riffs and TRANSITION (I can't stress that enough) into something that sounds very major. Instead of using the word happy; you could call these riffs "Uplifting". If you are going to have an instrumental album, you HAVE to make it interesting. In the first song, and title track, you hear things go from a very aggressive face smashing riff, and then almost instantly morphs into a uplifting riff with very bright leads. Those are all over this bad mother.

However, they are not all uplifting. There are plenty of riffs in hear that are very minor. Listen to the part in Night of the Lizard at 1:47. There is definitely something interesting here; like not just minor, but it sounds like a Byzantine minor, or the Egyptian scale. And, before it begins to slow down with an acoustic guitar, they bring you back with what sounds like strings or a synth; that then ends on a HALF CADENCE?! Yeah... They just played that card. And slows down, not with an acoustic guitar, but one of the most out there leads I have ever heard. Yes, Night of the Lizard is a masterpiece.

But, oh wait, EVERY FREAKING SONG IS LIKE THAT! If the words, "Instrumental progressive thrash metal with classical and jazz influences", aren't enough to make you hit the "Download" button; then you may just have to kill yourself. I would recommend this to everyone, especially music majors or aspiring guitar players. This one is a masterpiece.


Favorite Tracks: The Wooden Eye, Brutal Solution to Sexual Megaproblems (Oh yes they did!), Night of the Lizard

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