Friday, February 3, 2012

THRASH OR DIE - Poser Holocaust [2011]

This has got to be the thrashiest thing I have ever heard!

Stand up and away from your computer for one moment. Now run around in circles and scream at the top of your lungs all while breaking something! NOW PLAY THAT THROUGH AN AMPLIFIER!! Ladies and gentlemen... Thrash or Die! I'm dead serious! There is just so much energy in this album! It's like they froze these guys in 1989 and then waited until 2010, unfroze them, gave them instruments, and said, "GO!".

The first thing everyone is going to notice with this CD is undeniably, the vocals! Dr. Fukk fucking brings it! There is so much attitude in his vocals its cheesy; in a good way! The chorus' tend to be very long and drawn out but done so well! It will seriously make you want to jump up and break something! If anyone else were to try to pull this off there would be no chance! Just listen to the first track "Fatal Fury" and "Wake Up and Smell the Thrash" and you will know what I am talk about! Of course there are fast rapid fire vocals like in "Zombie Assault" as well as some very well executed gang shouts!

But none off this would have been able to happen without the crushing old school riffage on this poser annihilating monster! A lot of the songs on here start with the guitar playing by himself and then the rest of the band comes in; that or there will be a short sample. One might think maybe they should start the songs different? Well, you wont be saying that after you hear the riffs! Plus, it is really hard to talk and head bang at the same time! They have a black thrash feel to them at some moments, but mostly I hear a lot of Exodus and early thrash influences. 

This is going straight on to my Zune so I can rage to this tonight at the gym! Or better yet, you get this for the next time you're at a lame party and everyone in there needs a little pick me up! Btw, their video for Wake Up and Smell the Thrash made these fine gents pretty internet famous. Check it out!


Favorite Tracks: Fatal Fury, Zombie Assault, Moshpit Messiah, Wake Up and Smell the Thrash! 

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