Friday, February 10, 2012

Fierce Band! Demo 2011

Fierce Band!  (Denton TX) - Progressive Metal Masterminds!

The first encounter I ever had with these gents, I was walking into a bar for my friends birthday and the guitar player/vocalist was standing out front passing out this demo...

...Now THAT is dedication.

The best thing about progressive music is how undeniably devoted the musicians are to their instrument. Fierce Band is a three piece progressive metal outfit from Denton TX, or north DFW. This is a demo however just a few simple tweaks in the mixing and mastering and this could have sounded like a hundred thousand dollar recording; point being this could have easily been released as a LP. This could be easily compared to a lot of the greats but the more it goes on it sounds like Jesu or Isis mixed in with Scale the Summit.

A lot of the time when easily distracted music listeners see a five part song they instantly think, "boring progressive snoozefest" and write it off. That thought could not be more wrong. Having a five part song divided into different tracks is MUCH more preferable than having a 40 minute track. But yes the first five tracks off of this is a five part, that doesn't move slow, but it does move very gradual, or dreamy. However, the first track comes in with a guitar break and grabs your attention right away. The instruments are able to keep the interest here with the constant movement and ability to change things up without moving to far away from the initial riff. The last track on here is much faster moving and definitely more "headbangable". Very involved musically, more Scale the Summit and less Jesu or Neurosis on the last track. 

The guitarist will take a solo or simply there might be a break in the drum and bass and he will shred his ass off, this happens everywhere and it couldn't be more appropriate. But most specifically at 5:35 of part 5; he takes a moment to blow your minds with epic shredding skills, that aren't just mindless sweeping. The drums in this magnificent beast are  well above par from beginning to end. There are not moments where the drums sound dull or don't add much. There is always something special about each and every section that not only stands out, but has an ability to make the other instruments shine as well! And vice versa! They are everywhere, just listen to the first track at about 2:50 when it picks up. That would have been lame without the percussion section backing it up! 

Alas! Let us not forget my most favorite.. DAT BASS! It wont be long before you figure out how involved this guy is throughout the whole CD. There is many acoustic sections that he  drives, the rhythm is kept up during the solos. And he has his own track with just bass guitar awesomeness! The track isn't just overly rhythmic slapping or showing off either, it is very smooth, really highlighting the chord progression. This is very reminecent of the likes of Anthony Crawford, and maybe some of Victor Wooten's slower jams, but mostly Anthony Crawford. 

This is a very promising up and coming act out of Denton Texas. They are very active and very nice group of dudes. You can preview their whole Demo/Album on their Facebook or Bandcamp. I do plan to see them live and plan to record a few videos! Don't miss this and give them a like!


Favorite Tracks: Bag of Cows, Mom, The Bananas Were Green, Blue Liquid Lips (ALL OF THEM!! But if I had to choose I would say part 5)



  1. I'm still impressed with how talented these guys are. Essentially agree with your sentiments.

    1. It blows my mind too! Thanks for the svpport