Thursday, February 2, 2012

Testimony - Trancending Reality [2012]

Testimony does nothing less than impress!

Here is a release that is easily going to be considered a landmark in the NWOTM. This one goes to show everybody that thrash isn't about just being "retro", "evil" or "old school". None of the aforementioned labels are a bad thing! But, Testimony is a band full of VERY accomplished musicians that will make your hairs stand on end!

The highlight of this album is the musicianship on every members end. The guitar work is beyond incredible starting with an acoustic movement into some bona fide dark leads with what sounds like strings over the top. It's really cool to listen to that and stare at the picture of Earth being destroyed. The riffs presented here are both thrashy and progy! You'll notice the thrashiness at the beginning of Test of Sanity, and very much so in the title track. Not to mention the solos and leads are genuinely impressive throughout the record!

You will quickly notice how talented the drummer and bassist are when the next track gets going! The drums are able to keep wondering, "How the hell did he just do that?". The transition between clean and heavy in the title track really stands out drum wise. One can easily tell that he doesn't mind doing something a bit more complicated.

And, DAT BASS, will grab you by the collar and SLAP YOU SILLY! Not only does this guy know how to slap, but he can really get down when it comes to a solo! Whenever those clean guitars come back in or start the song the bass really moves around and keeps the brain thinking. There is a monster bass fill in 3:04 of Test of Sanity. Don't miss it!

But, what is missing? The one thing almost ALL prog bands have? Clean vocals... Here is an interesting choice of spice. THERE ARE NONE! Cool huh? The vocalist spoke with me once and said, "I feel that if we had clean we would be too easily labeled as a prog band." Pretty spot on if you ask me. They re-enforce how well the band brings thrash and prog together Some choice vocals in the title track at 3:42 and 6:35.

You'll notice a A great representation of all the instruments would be about 3 minutes into Test of Sanity; and seriously... Prepare  to feel unworthy. It's great to have your brain melted after listening to an album. It is very evident that these men not only have a deep appreciation of thrash, but don't mind spending time working with music.


Favorite Tracks: Release from Life (Free), Test of Sanity, Transcending Reality

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