Thursday, February 9, 2012

Witchaven! Terrorstorm [2010]

Witchaven TERRORSTORM! New Album Soon!

There aren't very many bands that can go on a full US tour and blow minds like Witchaven can. Not only that but the first 2 tours the demolished was before their first album Terrorstorm was even released! There is none more deserving than the mighty Witchaven! This was released back in 2010, contains 10 tracks of no filler Blackened D-beat Thrash! And, from the very first song you will hear everyone one of those sub-genres presented in its full.

The album starts off with some monster drumming into high speed thrashing riffs. It keeps you head banging with the killer mid temp at 1:25 and transitions perfectly into some crusty goodness! And, just when you think things couldn't get any better they come at you with some insane black metal tremelo picking and guitar leads! Often times, the only thing a band needs to be considered black thrash is the vox and Venom like guitar riffs. Which isn't bad but for Witchaven then bros have just got to step it up a notch or four! They are probably known for their song that really gets the crowd going, "Black Thrash Assault". What is really the icing on the cake is that these thrasher thugs bring down the house every time they play!

If you go back and were to read anyone's tour blog from when they toured with Witchaven or just played a show with them; it never fails, there is always some mention of them stealing the show. Every member of Brohaven has such incredible stage presence. Even Lerby the drummer will stand up and headbang during the songs its nuts. What is really impressive is that you expect a band that plays a genre like this to be very mediocre but between songs the bass player is slapping it up, and their new guitarist Erik can even do slaps on the guitar! As well as rip boss solos! What really makes it is how cool they are in person. And that every song has something that really stands out about it.

From the mid tempo in Black Thrash Assault, or my personal favorite, Dawn of the Unholy; these unholy black thrashers really know how to bring the mosh pit. If you could cram everything you like about black, thrash, and d beat into an album; this is what it would sound like.


Favorite Tracks: Terrorstorm, Black Thrash Assault, Dawn of the Unholy

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