Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Black Moriah - Demo [2012]

Thrashened Black Metal!

These guys make an interesting mix of upbeat black metal. So yes, it is black thrash, but on one hand the vocals to seem to be extra black, and the riffs are more speed metal at time but more black. Thus deserving a genre such as thrashened black instead of the vise versa. These long haired duders are very seasoned veterans of the metal art. Their guitarist played for Absu if that tells you much. The facebook bio will provide you everything you need to know, because it is seriously a SHIT load of former and present bands to list. Needless to say these black metal bastards have skill and are a very promising band out of Dallas Texas!

The demo kicks off with a fast paced riff on the guitar and some up beat drumming in the song Casket Prospects. That riff they begin with is also the verse riff; a classic speed metal tactic... Awesome! Then around the one minute mark they move into what can be assumed as the chorus, and the vocals get deeper. The riffage here really stands out.

The second track, "ChainedNConfined" starts out very black metal and then transitions into a bad ass upbeat circle pit riff that will have you head banging in front of your laptop. They really show off their knowledge of how to mix intervals and chords in this song and the next. The next song has a riff that sounds like the first song but is the sound they are going for. Then in the second half of Watch My Town Burn, things start to slow down and get to the TRVE black sound. That second half of the song is why they deserve a title of thrashened black. Then when the fast riff comes back in the guitars present some magnificent leads.

There isn't anything to dislike about this demo unless you just aren't a fan of svpertrve thrashy black metal speedy shizznit. These guys have a very bright future ahead of them and need to HURRY UP AND RECORD A FULL LENGTH!

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