Sunday, February 19, 2012

Obliveon - From This Day Forward - 1990

Obliveon! Underrated Techy Thrash!

The problem with Vektor is that they don't release a new album every weekend for the music nerds to worship. So, we have to reach into the all giving internet and find incredible underrated bands like Obliveon to become obsessed with! Montreal is the luckiest city on earth to have such good bands come from their area! Obliveon alone is enough to make anyone want to make a trek there, and tell these talented bastards to get back together and start jamming this album again! It mixes Sci-fi with technical elements while still maintaining a thrashy sound!

Diving straight in, these riffs will melt your mind and keep your interest all the way through the whole album! It starts out with a short clean intro in the first track, and title track, "From This Day Forward". And if that intro doesn't just scream Vektor at you, rewind it, and listen again! The riffs in this just don't let up! There is nothing worse than when a band gets overly techy and can't write a riff to save their life. There is none of that overrated wank in here. They can still keep the fast paced thrash riffs and kick it into moshing mode with the hard ass mid tempo's that will have you circle pitting in your living room! One of my favorites is at 1:52 of the second track, "Fiction of Veracity" turn that shit up! That track also starts out with a mind numbingly awesome guitar lead that will play in your head all day! Seriously, every single track is worth mentioning for the awesome riffs and drumming.

The bass and drums kill it on this CD. DAT FUGGIN' BASS! Right in the first track he dishes out some leads at around 2:05 and in the second he keeps up with the guitar at 3:50. And really he steps it up all over the album. Same with the drums, the way they bring in the second track is astounding. He really shows off his double kick work in every track. Not just in how long he is able to maintain it but the way he switches it up and really highlights every note and picking pattern in the riffs.

This is seriously an album that is worthy of a ten page, long, boring, track by track review. But to spare you the theatrics you should just listen to it on YouTube and kill yourself for not being worthy. Everything on this Album is amazing, the vox, guitar, bass, drums, you name it. Now stop reading this kiss ass review and LISTEN!!


Favorite Tracks: ALL OF THEM!! They all rule equally.

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