Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Centurion - Serve No One [2012]

Up and coming Polish death metal!

This band has successfully blended the two power houses of Poland into one magnificent band! And this album captures the sound without a doubt! What this album really resembles is Behemoth inspired vocals and some guitar riffs, but with the raw energy of Vader. The influences of old school European death and black metal are very clear here as well. The first thing that comes to mind when turning this bad mother on is an old school Behemoth and Vader.

So let's get this straight. There are plenty of people that dislike behemoth because of their blackened slower death sound mostly to due with the verse riffs and vocal patterns. Which is completely fine if that is not your thing. There isn't that here, what is presented is a much faster version of the two. The songs are very speedy through out the record with an average length of about 2:45. That really says a lot about their energy and speed. And speaking of speed, their drummer has got to be smoking some because he is CRAZY fast, and no afraid to maintain the blasts the whole way!

They begin by melting your mind with some odd guitar work in the very first song "Total Terror". It is almost as if the lead guitarist is bending two notes that are a minor second apart; creating incredible tension. The influences are clear in this track around 1:32, old school Vader right there. The solo in this song is outstanding as well! That was a great idea to lead into it with the dissonant tones from the beginning! Given a different mix this could have almost been a brutal death metal release, minus the slams and the vocals. Another riff that made me stop and throw some elbows was the monster riff at the end of "Cut the Throat". That is a serious upbeat moshing riff fits perfectly at the and of a incredibly fast song.

All the little fills and transitions really makes this album worth picking up. Just a slight bass fill or hard drum fill and then just BAM! The song keeps going! The intro to "Under the Black Banner" is a clear example of what I am talking about. It all happens so quickly but they are there; it is very impressive. Also in this track there is a very quick and eerie sample at 2:34 for a mere 3 seconds but just phenomenal. It is mind blowing to comprehend trying to write something like that. And the short after that bring in the next song very well; very cool fill on the bell coming into that track too!

If you are a fan of death metal from the mighty Poland then don't hesitate to check this one out! This release will really pave the way for their future. It is easy to picture them on tour with the likes of Hate, Behemoth, or jumping on a bunch of really big tours soon. There will be lots of chat on the net about these guys soon.


Favorite Tracks: Total Terror, Cut the Throat, No one to Serve

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