Friday, February 17, 2012

Massive Assault - Death Strike [2012]

Massive Assault - Face crushing Death Metal!

Hoogeveen's own war death metal face rippers are not afraid to tear it up on this monster album! This mean bastard is mixed perfectly, and the only reason that the mix is worth mentioning is because it is so hard to capture that OSDM sound the way they did twenty years ago. The album art really paints a picture for how great the album is going to sound. Not to judge by its cover but the cover just screams Bolt Thrower and many other veterans from Sweden. But enough about the awesome quality of the CD.

It begins with a very short clip of two soldiers yelling at each other for about 2 seconds and then just unleashes the fury with heavy death metal hits and furious drumming! The interesting thing about their guitar work is that if this album were mix, or maybe the vocals being different, this could almost pass as a crusty war album. Especially if they decided on a different logo and album cover, this could easily sneak by as another genre. That really adds a interesting twist in this album, with just those punky crust riffs they dish out to keep the energy pumping.

Don't think for a second that this is just a crust album mixed like death. That is entirely not it. If you listen to the beginning of the song "Pride" it has some melodic elements that are very prevalent throughout the CD. Then it may move down to another Entombed sounding riff then maybe something crusty. The vocals on this are very death metal. He sounds very swede death. Like, the singer of Grave, or oddly enough, early Hypocrisy, which is odd be cause that band never makes it to my player. They do sound very similar though.

This is a very unique mix of music here and a very solid release. Any death metal fan would defiantly love this. It would be awesome to see these guys on the Obscene Extreme line up! They would fit perfectly. Next time they are in the states it would be well worth it to check them out!


Favorite Tracks: Driven Towards Death, Aggressive Depression, Operation Anthropoid 

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