Sunday, February 26, 2012

Deus Otiosus - Murderer [2010]

These guys have a real talent for mixing thrash and death!

Here is something that really caught me off guard! A band who really knows how to mix to sub-genres together and not fail completely. These guys slaughter Denmark with a sound that resembles that of Obituary and big three German thrash; with some Deicide vocals! Starting around 2005 it would appear that they have released a live album, a demo of course, a split and then finally in 2010 this magnificent bastard.

It is a interesting mix, and the vocals fit their sound better than more thrashy vocals or black vocals would. I say that because their music seems to move slightly slower than other deathrash would. Not that is it boring by any means, but it is more on the death metal side than of course the thrash. That is why the vocals seem more fitting here. Now if they had more Beneath the Remains or Epidemic of Violence riffs (and they should ;) ) the more thrashy vocals would be more fitting. Other than them working for him his vocal patterns and placement are pretty superior to many other bands.

What really ties the knot between death and thrash in this release is the drummer. People seem to drastically underestimate how much one simple drum movement could change the entire riff. Or in sub-sub-genres like this; it could easily change the entire genre of deathrash to just death. There are parts like at 1:52 of "Ye Pigs of Little Faith" and especially at 2:26 of "I Have Seen Him Slay" where the drums really bring out the thrash in the riffs! And then the guitars will come in with a sweet tremolo riff that screams death metal and the double kick will keep it death metal.

This is a very solid release. It is easy to be skeptical of newer deathrash bands, but this is a release that will surprise everyone with its talent! This band has a bright future ahead of them and the next releases will be even better.


Favorite Tracks: I Have Seen Him Slay, Ye Pigs of Little Faith, Ash World

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  1. Fuckin' killer band aye! Your review summed it up well.