Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturnian Mist - Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan [2011]

Saturnian Mist brings down the house!

Finland is the country that Christ never went too. Thus, screamingly evil music comes out of that triumphant northern bastard. These guys play heavy duty black metal with hints of thrash and will have you hooked with their face pounding riffs, evil chord progressions, and excellent guitar leads. These guys are no repeat of rip off band of any sort; just raw skill and love for black metal.

The first track catches your attention quickly with a crushing riff that makes you want to mosh it up. And if that wasn't enough, the guitar comes in with a lead that just makes the whole section that much cooler. And the whole reason the word thrash comes to mind at all is at 4:31 of the first song, "The Regicide" when the drums kick it in to a up beat mid tempo and unleash the head banging. Overall the guitar leads is what really makes this whole album. If they were to release an album that was just crushing black riffs with their awesome leads everyone would be happy as fuck.

The vocals are odd in some parts, especially in track numbero 5 "Sacrifices of Faces Unbroken". It is just like the vocalist is talking off time with everyone else; not the entire time but in a back in forth sort of motion. It almost gives it a cool twist but for the most part it is pretty distracting. On top of that, there is literally vocals over every riff in that song; now that's just silly. His growls have some serious balls to then though. When a war speech is given this is the voice that should be heard.

You don't have to be just a fan of blackened black metal with hints of black to enjoy the music these gents present. This is really appealing to a crusty audience as well, maybe not thrashers. If you could compare it to anyone it would have to be newer Darkthrone. Even though I am not a huge fan of black metal this one was truly worth the listen for the earth shaking riffs and most importantly the leads.


Favorite Tracks: The Regicide, Bythos in Quintessence, Aura Mystica

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