Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six in Line and Executioner! Thrash Metal Double Dose!

Executioner - Fear the Blade!

Here is a group of young gents and lady, out of Paducah, Kentucky! They are very promising musicians and this demo lays out a pretty good road map of what we should expect from them later. They have been getting some heat about the production of this demo, but the riffs are definitely distinguishable, and done very well. And seriously, people judge a band based on production far too often. The reason that this stands out is the difference between the two originals they have on here. "Last Stand" is a speedy 'stand up and fight' major key, circle pit song; and you get to "Tomb of the Pharaoh" and its more of a minor dark song that takes you on a journey. The variety stands out and tells you that every song on their upcoming record will be unique. The vocals and guitar really stand out! Check them out, and their new logo!



These guys play party thrash. No bullshit, just straight up crossover, hardcore punkness. Comparable to if Municipal Waste got together and had hot nasty bad ass sex with The Anti-Nowhere League. You will hear it too. The vocals sound like an old school English punk act The Anti-Nowhere League, but they have the vicious guitar riffs with the fast and upbeat drums! You can hear the attitude right when the songs come in, but especially in the second track, "Plata o Plomo". These are some really nice, and funny dudes be sure to check them out!


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