Thursday, February 9, 2012

Subjugator and Brain Implosion! Duel Demo Decimation!!!

Brain Implosion - Sandgrains EP - 1990

Here is some VERY high quality material from the hard hitters in Brain Implosion. Released in 1990 this two song EP presents thrash metal with a hint of death. All the way from, where yours truly used to reside, the Netherlands, these guys have delivered an EP that is full of catchy and inspirational riffage.

Intramural is full of some of the most memorable and headbanging riffs; just listen to the intro and then the solo section after that! The riffage will have you hooked right away in the first song and title track Sandgrains, with the fast picking and crushing drums. It is a real headbanger all throughout both of the songs presented on this EP! And the vocalist sounds like a "cyco" crossover vocalist, comparable to Suicidal Tendencies or Excel.

The only real negative criticism that is worth presenting is that these dudes didn't put out a CD! What will really convince you to search the all giving internet for this lost gem is that they really sound like a mix between old Sepultura and Demolition Hammer. That can't be stressed enough. Don't just get this because you are KVLT AS FVCK, get it because it is SERIOUSLY worth your while.


Subjugator - The Hatred Principle Demo - 1991

Subjugator beat faces in Boston Massachusetts with their excellent mixture of death thrash metal. The Hatred Principle is a three song demo that did not fail to disappoint.  This monster demo is filled with stomping riffs and upbeat mid temps that will keep the circle pit going!

If you are a fan of deathrash in the least bit just turn up the first track, What Gave you the Right, and just wait until that mid tempo kicks in, in the verse prepare yourself for uncontrollable circle pitting. The guitar tone this gentleman has is just perfect for the deathrash sound! And the way that is delivered with the drums is just unstoppable.

 It is easy to compare this to all of the great deathrash releases, epecially with the energy of the first track, but giving this couple of listens you will hear the clear similarities between this and Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness, and Massacre's - From Beyond. Check it out.


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