Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mobile Deathcamp - Live review! [2012]


Holy crap these dudes knocked my socks off last night. These are some very talented thrashers that need more recognition in the thrash community! It's weird not hearing much talk about a band before seeing them live and getting viciously raped by awesomeness.

They have got to be one of the most full sounding three pieces around. The thing that probably turns off most people about some bands performances is that without 2 guitarists ripping it up things can sound very empty. But this combo of an amazing bass player and shredding guitarist is just incredible. Props to the bass player for having my dream gear! 

At first glance they may almost appear as a hardcore band because they are not super TRVE with the "Exodusy" logo or the tight pants. There is also a very distinct possibility that they couldn't fit those big BALLS into those pants on account of how gnarly their music is. Seriously though, these guys brought the house down. Check them out if they are in your area! Here is a link to the rest of their dates!

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