Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Asmodeus! Prosincová noc blíže neurčeného roku! [1992]

Asmodeus! Underrated Progressive Thrash!

A band that speaks their native tongue! In their lyrics... Of course the speak their native tongue. Asmodeus is a great example of a progressive thrash act that isn't technical. Or that isn't overly technical rather. It seems to be extremely easy for most people to get those two things confused; technicality does not equal prog!!! We all know that. Let's just say these fine gents are able to flow between riffs very smoothly using abstract progressions instead of just stop and go riffing.

It kicks off in a way you normally wouldn't expect anything proggy to do. The first song has more of a rock and roll type of upbeat riff that gets the blood flowing pretty quickly. Anyone could name a progressive band that has some epic sample that leads into a long drawn out, overly dramatic, well thought out, piece of music that starts the CD. Which is awesome! But it is very interesting to hear something different; and isn't that what progressive is all about?! It doesn't hang on the rock and roll for too long though; it gets very very thrashy.

The guitar work is the first thing everyone will notice about this album. The choice of notes, and chords they use are very unique. There is nothing better than hearing a riff that goes beyond the power chord. And the acoustic work in the instrumental track, Svetlo, just screams Megadeth. However, it is not a ripoff; it is as if Dave Mustaine recorded a solo for a Symphony X or a Dream Theater record. And, don't expect every song to sound like that; they are so much more versatile.

Guitar players will surely eat this up! On top of the guitar playing the vocals are incredible as well. There is also a flute in some tracks! How cool is that?If this guy were to sing in English he could easily pass for Chuck Billy. No joke, it will really catch you off guard. He does sing in Czech though, which gives things such a cool vibe.

Then all of the sudden there is a 3 second song thrown in there. Straight up grindcore style; no blasts, just a 3 second song. Weird huh? And, even later they throw what , NO JOKE, sounds like a Czech polka folk song tossed in as well. And, then just a straight up folk song. Then a Christmas song. What the fuck just happened. The only logical explanation for this is that,  they were jamming on these for fun, started getting drunk and playing them live, and then said why not. Let's give the fans a bang for their buck and put it all on the record! What a great listen!


Favorite Tracks: Svetlo, Heroes, Stvoritel

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