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Interview With David Carlino of Razormaze!

Yesterday I was able to conduct an interview with David Carlino of Razormaze and Sonic Pulse. It follows below... enjoy!

Ravenous Reviews: When, why and how did Razormaze start off and how were you received by people?

David Carlino: Razormaze was formed in 2007 by singer, Alex, and drummer, Nick. Sam joined later on that year and they had a different lead guitarist at the time. The band's form of thrash was very well received by audiences and they surfed happily along the neo-thrash wave and garnered themselves a steady cult following. I joined in August, 2008, when their old lead guitarist left to study abroad in China. I'm not sure I know what her name was. Since 2008, we've stylistically changed a lot and we still get billed as a thrash band with some prefixes (progressive, death, etc.) attached to us. Thanks to the thrash scene that's been so supportive we continue to appeal to the same crowd, as well as a wider variety of people these days. Alex and Nick started Razormaze because they wanted to play some sweet, sweet music that they haven't heard before. I still think we accomplish that. Our uniqueness is definitely a strength, still.

RR: I see Razormaze has been doing well, I see you guys on tons of flyers and rumor has it you guys are currently in the recording process for a new album. How’s that going?

Dave: We're doing great! We actually finished the recording process and are going through post-production right now. Alex has been working his ass off promoting us, booking shows and managing a fundraiser for said album.

RR: Will the forthcoming album differ from your latest EP, “Miseries”?

Dave: "Miseries" was very important to us because that was our first step in a new direction. This album-to-be is going to be the culmination of our evolution as a band since we put out "Miseries." So yes, it will be different because there will be more of everything (I'll leave that to you guys to think about) and no, it is going to be up the same musical vein as "Miseries." It's really going to be up to the fans to decide how it differs, or in what ways it continues down that path.

RR: That's good to hear. "Miseries" was definitely a great accomplishment.

Dave: Thanks dude!

RR: Were you guys playing shows between recording tracks?

Dave: No, we took the month of January off to record, which was right after an east coast tour of the US in December. We didn't even practice! It was a very intense process. Now that it's done we're hitting the stage with full force.
RR: How was that east coast tour, and are there any plans for another one?

Dave: Not yet hahaha we're just trying to survive the production of the album. It's been very taxing on all of us. That tour was our best yet. Every night was fantastic. If the shows weren't great, the parties after were. If the shows were great, then the night following was that much more fun. But most shows were well-attended and crowds were either wild, or intensely focusing on our music, watching us play. Either way, a positive response all around. Also, people all around were all so hospitable, and we always had a good place to stay, and we reunited with a lot of old friends we've known from previous tours. Oh, and we got paid every night so we weren't stranded, or starving hahaha.

RR: That's a good thing to hear, haha. Are there any bands in particular that you listen to when writing new songs, be it old school or something new? Who are some your biggest influences as a band?

Dave: It's hard to speak for our band because we all have our own personal idols. What I really dig as the guitar player is any form of music that requires a great deal of talent to play. Stuff like classical guitar, jazz, tech metal, and even bluegrass. I'm very much into contemporary music because I always enjoy hearing the best of the best. It's just how I am.

RR: Do you have any favorite bands at the moment?

Dave: My favorite band right now is Anata. They are an extremely under-appreciated band from Sweden. They have been around since the 90's but few people seem to know about them. I've learned a lot about writing music from listening to them. I'm also really into Psycroptic and Meshuggah.

RR: What’re your thoughts on this whole new thrash scene that has suddenly emerged and flourished so quickly?

Dave: I think it is amazing. Thrash music has so much energy and passion and a genuinely ass-crushing presence that people seem to be rekindling their love for. Scenes come and go but I feel like this subset of metal is going to be around for a long time. This is such a vibrant movement and no one can write it off as a passing fad, as some do.
RR: Do you guys have a tentative date set for your new album’s release?

Dave: Nope. We're not releasing it independently, and we do not have a label to back us right now. We are working on having a finished product first, then finding a label that suits us so we can get our music out to more people. For example, "Miseries" was a self-release from 2010, and you just reviewed it last month! We want more presence for this album in the way that we did not get for ourselves with "Miseries."

RR (feeling sheepish): A fair point, and much better in the end. I know I'll be spreading the word all over (not to be obsequious).

Dave: Haha thanks a lot! We appreciate it. Word of mouth is probably the most valuable asset to any band.

RR: You also have a side project, Sonic Pulse. What are you up to with that band? Any plans to hit the studio?

Dave: That band is a collaboration with my friend Dan of Skull Hammer. I work with him because we are on the same wavelength, and want to have a band that blends the technical prowess of power metal with the up-beat attitude of thrash metal. Dan actually has a studio in his basement, and we're about to finish up an EP and start playing shows. It's been a very fun and rewarding side project for both of us. You can expect the EP to be out by summer, hopefully. We've been recording it piecemeal for a few months now and have been writing the material for over a year now.

RR: That's great! Best of luck, dudes.

Dave: Thanks, man.
RR: Is your guitar skill directly proportionate to the size of your penis?

Dave: Indirectly.

RR: Is that enough questions?

Dave: (laughs)

RR: Any last words for your fans out there reading this?

Dave: Yes; we can't wait for you guys to hear the album, and if you are interested in getting involved with our production of it then please donate to us (it will only get you our album faster), or share with your friends! Other than that, keep playing music and stay heavy!

Make sure to like Razormaze on Facebook and support them by going to their shows and buying their merch!
Also, be sure to donate to help with the production of their new album!


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