Saturday, January 28, 2012

Interview With Condition Critical!

So earlier today I was able to conduct an interview with Alonso Maguiño, the guitarist/vocalist in Condition Critical, which follows below!

Ravenous Reviews: So first of all thanks for agreeing to do this interview and for anyone that hasn’t yet heard Condition Critical, definitely check them out! How and when did you guys get started? Was it simply a spontaneous epiphany or was there a specific reason?

Alonso Maguiño: Thanks for having us! Well, it all started with a vision... Haha nah, kidding. We were all tired of the scene around NJ. It basically started with me and Ryan and we just really wanted to create music that we would want to hear, really.

RR: I can almost guarantee you’ve been asked this question before, but what do you think of the new thrash scene? There are tons of people who just love it, and then there’s also ones that hate it. Where are you on this scale?

Alonso: I personally love it. The reason why is because I would rather to listen to thrash instead of that emo crap. I like what the newer bands have done by bringing the genre back and on a side note, my personal favorite is definitely Warbringer; they kick ass.

RR: Indeed, good choice. And who are some of your other favorite bands as of late?

Alonso: That's a good question. I honestly don't really have an answer to that one. I've been keeping myself from music aside from Condition Critical's stuff. We're currently writing the album and I like having my mind clear when we're writing.. it just makes it easier, for me at least.

RR: Makes sense. Where are some of your favorite places to play live? Any place that’s particularly crazy?

Alonso: Hmm... I would have to pick "The Barbery" in Philly just because we got to play with Whiplash and Morbid Saint, haha.

RR: Right, I heard about that! That one must have been totally sick. I've heard that you guys put on a pretty raucous live show. Always a good thing to hear. Who are some of Condition Critical’s biggest influences? Any bands that inspire you guys to write the way you do?

Alonso: Slayer, Demolition Hammer, and Vio-lence are definitely the top three. I'm all about the "party" thrash and all that but I also love the heaviness and brutality from those bands and we try to incorporate [that] to our style. Kreator is another big one for me, especially with vocals.

RR: Yeah, those all kick ass. What’s your take on being dubbed “Demolition Hammer Jr”?

Alonso: Haha, the first time I heard that, I got intimidated just for the fact that it's fucking DEMOLITION HAMMER! but it's really a great honor for us to have some people label us as a great band because let's face it; Demolition Hammer is a great fucking band and it's pretty cool to have people look at us that way. Let me make something clear real quick though, there's only ONE Demolition Hammer and they will never be replaced.

RR: Haha, very true. Following up on your earlier statement that you guys are writing a new album, I know I, as well as tons of other fans, are eager to hear more stuff from you guys. Will it be different from the Bred to Kill demo? What can you say about the style that it’s gonna have? Lyrics?

Alonso: The Bred to Kill demo was a success to all of us but we're aiming for something better for the album. I'm not really sure if it's going to sound like the Bred to Kill demo but what I can tell you is that it's going to sound like Condition Critical. There will be no fillers, just straight up fierce thrash tunes. I don't really like writing lyrics right away. I like to write the actual music part of the song first and then get a vibe from it and according to that, I write the lyrics for the song.

RR: Sounds killer, we're all psyched! Is there a rough date set for its release?

Alonso: Not yet, unfortunately... Sometime this year? We'll try to put it out as soon as we can, though. But if you're that eager to listen to some new stuff from the album, you can always come out to one of our shows and mosh to them.

RR: What’s the writing process like with you guys? Is there someone in particular who writes most of the songs?

Alonso: Everyone contributes in one way or another. We basically just write riffs on our own and try to put songs together then we go over to Ryan's and he puts his drum parts... it's pretty straightforward, really. Oh, and we also require a minimum of 18 beers per writing session; That's a very crucial thing.

RR: All right dude, I think that’s about it! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have any last words to say to your fans out there reading this?

Alonso: Check us out on our Facebook and Reverb pages for the latest updates! We'll be putting some merch up online for sale too so keep an eye out for that and our shows coming up soon with D.R.I. and another with Jungle Rot in NJ. Thanks a lot for the interview and everyone else out there. Hope to see you out in the pit!

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