Friday, January 27, 2012

Razormaze - Miseries (EP) [2010]

I’ll start this review by saying that I’m a huge asshole when it comes to newer thrash. A whole lot of it is really hit-or-miss for me, and chances are I probably won’t like it. So when I got recommended Razormaze’s latest three-song EP, “Miseries,” I was quite skeptical at first. I was not yet aware that what would ensue would be a nice thirteen minutes of thrashy goodness. Nevertheless, I decided to take my chances and I got it; and once the first song blasted on, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m quite glad that “Karma In/Karma Out” is the first song on this EP. It’s most likely the standout track, and the intro was able to catch my attention almost immediately. DAT BASS. Good shit. One of the catchiest intros I’ve heard in quite a while. A few seconds later, that chilling scream came through, and I knew that I was in it for good. They were able to successfully catch my attention, and I was curious as to how the rest of the EP would turn out.

The vocals are probably my least favorite aspect of the EP, but as I listened to it some more, they were able to grow on me some. Still not quite my cup of tea, but decent enough. Either way, I don’t judge a band by their vocals, and in this case I didn’t have to. The guitars easily make up for the slightly weak vocals. There’s tons of catchy riffs thrown in here and there, and the occasional melody as well (see “Miseries of the Flesh,” at 3:25)--and the songwriting is honestly, really good. Shit, these guys know how to keep you intrigued and satisfied. Listen to “Creed of Absolution” at approximately the 1:50 mark and on until the end; you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’m not going to drool over the drummer, as he is, to be honest, nothing special--however, he’s still quite competent. He switches up his beats often enough so as to not come off as redundant, and he plays right along with the guitars, matching their rhythms. I especially like the sporadic addition of blasts in “Karma In/Karma Out.” It only serves to augment the already inherent catchiness of the song. Production-wise, I have, as always, no complaints. The bass is clearly audible, and I'm happy.

Just get this shit. I was quite satisfied, and I’m sure anyone else that picks it up will be as well. It was quite a nice surprise.



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