Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Energetic Krusher - Path to Oblivion [1989]

High Energy Krushing Thrash!

I just dove into these guys for the first time a while back, maybe a year; and I posted this to the MA a while ago. This is some pretty crushing old school deathrash! Let me start and say that my favorite part about these guys is the KILLER mid-tempos throughout the cd (the upbeat "kick-snare" drums/riffs). I just love the opening track, Back from the Dead. Whenever I acquire a new listen, I always start with the first track and imagine I am seeing them live and this track really represents what these guys are all about.

Another one of my favorite tracks on this killer record of headbanging madness is The Blades. I really love how the song goes from those killer speed riffs with the fast old school blasts to the mid-tempos and back to the fast speed riffs. I really love hearing that structure in thrash and it always gets me pumped up.

The only real downside to these dudes is that the riffs are for the most part pretty simple. I love me some tech, but that aside I DO think their simplistic mid-tempos are also what makes them so fun, which is also a reason why I gave them such a high score.

I would love to see these guys replicate this awesome cd live at a crusty house show party because I know they would just TEAR IT APART! If you want a really headbangable, fun, and old school deathrash listen, then most definitely check these gentlemen out. They're just really killer to headbang to and I hope to hear from them again.

Favorite tracks : Back from the Dead, The Blades, Energetic Krusher, Yukk.

92% I really loved the energy!

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