Friday, January 27, 2012

Ghoul - We Came For The Dead!!! [2002]

So I'm SmithMetal and I'll be one of the contributing authors of this site. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading our reviews, and we look forward to posting more in the not too distant future. I decided Ghoul's "We Came For The Dead!!!" to be my first review. Cheers, all!

Ghoul, hailing out of the [sometimes not so] might US of A, are a four-piece band that have infused in their songs influences drawn from multiple genres; be it death metal, thrash metal, or grindcore. If that alone isn’t enough to convince you to BUY THIS ALBUM, or any of their other albums, as they have yet to disappoint me or their other fans, then fine, I’ll further disclose to you why this album is worth getting. As I said they draw influences from multiple genres. Many of the riffs found on this album contain a strong crossover thrash influence, and it works out blissfully. Add in a touch (excuse the cliché) of grindcore and a pinch of death metal, and you’ve got yourself a fine mix in the works, kids.

From the slightly overlong (but still awesome) intro of "Graveyard Mosh/Ghoul" to the crushing headbanging goodness that comes after, this album will keep you entertained the whole way through. I’m not even kidding, nearly every single riff on this album is headbang-guaranteed. The very first riff on the record, albeit being a freakin’ incredible yet surprisingly simple one, doesn’t serve as a fair prelude to what you will hear upon further listening of the album. Sure, it gives you a small peek at what you’re about to get yourself into, but there are so many varied riff and styles on here that you really don’t know what you’re getting into.

People often tend to have qualms in regards to the production of certain albums, and oftentimes it lowers their opinion on the album somewhat. In my opinion, the production of a certain album is the least important facet of it, and unless you cannot hear anything AT ALL, I’ll [probably] have no issues with it; and this album is no exception to the rule. It is perfect, especially for the death/thrash style that Ghoul carry.

The guitars on the album are fantastic. There isn’t one bad riff (or song, for that matter) on the entire record. Every riff gets your veins pumping and your head drilling, and many of them are catchy as HELL. They’ll be chugging around in your head long after you’ve laid the album aside. As done as well on "Mondo Medicale" (Ghoul and Impaled share members, if you didn’t already know), the guitars are perfectly executed and the songwriting is, as well, great. All of the transitions and such on the album are exceptionally smooth; one example where this is especially manifest is in the song “From Death to Dust,” around the middle, when the mosh-riff blasts and blows your fucking head off. Listen to it. Now.

Everything else on the album is above-average and, too, deserves to be praised. Otherwise, I don’t think I have anything else to say about this record. Go out and get it now.



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