Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sax - Moravské náøez [1993]

Some of the best thrash metal out there!

Czech is starting to become a gold mine for underrated thrash. First Asmodeus and now these guys! The gems just keep coming. With little to be known about them, based on the Metal Archives these gents have put out 3 demos (Which I have yet to hear) and 2 full lengths. Also according to the MA, they split up in 1992 and formed Sax Pijak after the vocalist left the band. This seems quite odd seeing as this album was released in 1993. Either way it is a good thing it is here because our lives were nothing before this.

These thrash masters blend a magnificent sound that reminds one of old Voivod and Testament. They have tons of the ever so thrashy upbeats that scream old school Testament and Exodus. Then really melt minds with those obscure chords Voivod is so well known for; mainly the tri-tones. The intro to the song "Maniak" is a perfect example of what mixing the fore mentioned bands sounds like. Especially in the first track as well, that song will have you hooked right after that awesome intro when the riffage kicks in. And at 2:11 seconds, the bass will have you begging for more! And yes the vocals are in Czech, yes they are amazing, and fuck you if you only listen to English speaking bands. It is much better to hear vocals in the native tongue! The musicianship is incredible on every ones part. The drummer is able to keep things interesting and switch things up without changing what the riff sounds like.

The interesting part about all of this is that they manage to do all of that without being a prog band or overly technical. And on top of that can keep the songs short and sweet. Long songs are great, but there are moments when songs can drag out and it seems much more efficient to keep them short. It is also easy to loose a crowds attention if your songs are too long. And any band that has riffs like these that can keep a song short without going crossover is just stunning.

The riffs are simply outstanding and the musicianship is truly an inspiration to us all. Seriously, this album rules hard, and it took me 1 minute of trolling Google before I found a way to listen to it. And this is worth finding. Please take the time to listen to this, they blow so many bands right out of the water!


Favorite Tracks: Uhnívat zaživa, Maniak, Popravèí píseò

Here is what I have been able to find via Youtube. It is not this album, and honestly this band is one that has gotten better over time. These tracks still blow tons of bands out the water though!

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