Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adrenalin O.D. - Humungousfungusamongus EP [1986]

Underrated old school hardcore punk out of New Jersey! 

A.O.D. is a punk band that existed from 1981 til about 1990 and put out some hard hitting fast paced punk music with very humorous lyrics and song titles. You can really hear the east coast flavor in this gem with a sound that resembles some Black Flag and the Bad Brains but without being a copy of the 2. This is a childhood favorite of mine and is definitely something any fan on the genre should pick up. Especially if you are a fan of any kind of crossover as well.

The CD begins with a song comically entitled "A.O.D. vs. the Son of Godzilla" and starts off slow and quickly picks up the speed. This could easily be what anyone else would call an intro track. It honestly sounds a bit like old school Suicidal Tendencies. Then comes a personal favorite track Office Buildings; the hardcore punk upbeat flavor really shows here! The vocals are fast and the energy is up there. The next few tracks that follow are similar and then something happens around commercial cuts that really twists things up.  It turns into more of a party punk thing that sounds similar to LA's Wasted Youth. Still really great but the tracks that follow are somewhat all the same. They aren't terrible by any means but it keeps it from being a perfect old school punk album.

The energy is here in this bad mother. Recommend this to everyone who listen to any kind of music really but doesn't mind the lo-fi if you get my drift. If these guys would have kept at it through all the years they could have easily reached legendary status among the punk crowd. Even though they probably already have. The next reunion show better be a full world tour.


Favorite Tracks: Office Buildings, Yuppie, Pope on a Rope, Pizza n Beer, Fuck the Neighbors!

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