Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nails - Unsilent Death [2010]

An Earth shaking album of unending face pounding magnitude. 

How many lifetimes must a man live before adequately preparing oneself to know how to rule this hard. Its like getting raped, you just can't prepare for it. Californian hardcore punk titans beat you to a pulp in this legendary album. This is simply just a fun listen; it really does make you want to jump up and punch someone until they die just because that sound is so brutally awesome! With a length of 13:54 this album will leave you begging for more and at the same time keeping things short and sweet.

For any fans of this genre can agree that one of the things that isn't a 100% necessary but can make an album a masterpiece is, oddly enough, the guitar feedback. It's amazing how hardcore punker thugs can take something that would be insanely annoying if you heard it during a power metal band's performance, and when played here or in others it lets you know shit is about to get real. But we all know that. Especially in the middle of tracks 4 and 5, "Suffering Soul" and "Unsilent Death", those build ups are supercharged when executed with the feedback.

But at that rate, that feedback would be nothing without their barbaric riffs! Barbaric would be a great way to describe them; very neanderthal and simple but far from boring. If you could play steroids through an amplifier this is what it would sound like. They have the speed of punk and will keep songs short, and then there will be songs like Unsilent Death that just has such awesome riffage; they vamp on it for a bit longer. They aren't restraining themselves by saying, "Oh, songs aren't supposed to be this short so we should right some filler to just add to length." And if the drums were any different their genre could be dramatically changed. It could be pretty close to grind if the drummer was all blasts.

Don't overlook this album just because the first thing it says on the Facebook info page is "Hardcore". Honestly, it was hard to tell this was even a hardcore album until the title track came in and screamed it at the top of its lungs. This is however something that one may not be able jam nonstop all day, which varies from person to person of course, but that is the only downside of then length of this album is that it just makes you want MORE! Bad ass would be an understatement for this monumental release. It took someone like me, who is very close minded towards hardcore and just turned me around.


Favorite Tracks: Unsilent Death, Suffering Soul, Scum Will Rise, Traitor, Depths, Conform, Your God, Scapegoat, No Servant

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