Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ketzer - Endzeit Metropolis [2012]

Massive black thrash destruction auf Deutschland! 

Ketzer plays black thrash and are from Germany. What more do you need to know? One thing you may not know is that Ketzer means "Heretic" in German, if that tells you anything before you listen. It is very fast and evil with a hint of modern flavor in the mix to polish everything off nicely. What really makes this an epic black thrash release is the powerful riffage and the ear shattering vocals. There is definitely something on this for every body. The last thing anyone should do is write this off just because it is new. There is absolutely no recycled riffs of the sorts in this beastly bastard.

 When you first press play the first thing that happens, is a short sample, but then the guitar comes flying in with a high pitched riff that will quickly set the mood for the album! It first has a sound of old school Possessed but with a European hint to it. In fact, a lot of the riffs in this album are very similar to the old big German 3 with obvious influences of Bathory and Venom. It's very first wave of black metal from Germany in short; which is a pretty epic win. And no, not the first wave out of Norway. This album is very consistent and any song will reflect the fore mentioned statements. The riffs are a bit more involved though, track 3, "The Fever's Tide" is a perfect example. It is hard to give specific examples because this whole album is just one epic curbstomp after another. The consistency leaves me speechless.

What really makes this album unique, besides the riffage, is the drum and bass section. It is always the little things that what brings an album up a notch. The drums really stand out to me in the beginning through the first verse of "Redeemed by Truth" with the moving from tom rolls to the snare march was very cool, and the little things thrown in the verse. And the song "Aesthetics And Ecstasy" really stands out in the drum section; and all the instruments for that matter, even the vocal placement. Right before the song kicks in the bass plays the fill an octave higher, and fills like that can be found all over. But above all of this what really made the song was what sounds like a cowbell in the bad ass mid tempo at 2:38. No joke, it totally works. And the bass lead in the second song at 3:12 is just genius. It really shows that everyone here does not like to get bored with their instruments and really take you for a ride.

This is something anyone should pick up, and a must have for black thrash enthusiasts. It does not get boring  during any part of the album and the riffage is untouchable. These guys aren't just KVLT as FVCK they really have an appreciation for their instruments. Seriously, this came out at the beginning of February so don't waste any time. These release is worth it!!


Favorite Tracks: A Requiem For Beauty, The Fever's Tide, Aesthetics And Ecstasy

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